Is it okay to add a pair of ducks to a chicken flock?


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Jul 31, 2014
Hi there. I was thinking of getting a mated pair of ducks possibly a muscovy pair because I heard they are a quieter breed and we have neighbors on each side of our fence. So we don't want a loud duck breed. Thing is we already have about 8 hens and 1 rooster. I was wondering would it be okay to have the ducks share the run together with the hens and the rooster? We will make a separate house for the ducks... Will the rooster harass the drake or other way around? If a male will cause problems, then how about just two female muscovy ducks? Basically I am wondering if would work to be able to have all share the same run and co exist peacefully without them fighting or causing a lot of noise.

If push comes to shove then I can make a separate area just for the ducks. We are wanting to build a koi pond or some sort and add two ducks. Just wondering if people had any luck keeping ducks and chickens together. Oh and I heard muscovy ducks can fly? Can they fly over a 6 foot fence?


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Jun 5, 2015
Yes I have chickens and ducks together. The rooster and drake don’t get that they are both males. They get along fine as feathered friends do. And yes they may make it over a fence but not likely. Just trim back a few flight feathers and keep them well fed so they are too heavy to fly.


Herding ducks and Wrangling chickens
Jan 8, 2017
Muscovies can fly well. Once adults, the males cannot due to weight, but the females still can. True wild muscovies still can fly regardless of gender.
If you have a drake, you want at least 3 females. Muscovies are a bit different with the ratio - so if you decide on another breed - you want at least 4 duck hens to one drake.
If drakes don't have the right number, the female ducks will become overbred and it will not be good for her. As well, the drake could potentially go after the chickens and that would be detrimental.
If you are thinking of getting adult muscovies (or adult ducks) you want to see what their arrangement is with regards to chickens. If they are currently being raised with chickens it will be easier to integrate.
I have 8 week old muscovies and older chickens. They are separated at the moment and have separate housing.
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