1. Earthlark

    Design recommendations for coop using 38" pallets

    I have a few hundred of these 38"x38" pallets. I need to build a coop for about 8 birds within the next couple weeks (tho I'll probably only have 6 by then). Chickens currently roosting in tree, but with Minnesota winter coming on, I need to give them a bit more shelter. 1a) I'd love to use the...
  2. G

    Coops made from pallets?

    Seems like using pallets is a cheap but effective way to build a coop. Please share your pallet coops and designs.
  3. animalyodelers

    Show me UGLY coops- where my peeps at?

    I'm literally throwing together a makeshift coop, to be improved upon when weather gets better. I had a small playhouse I was modifying, but it got frustrating and wasn't big enough anyway (thanks chicken math, we have more than planned). I love to get inspiration for DIY projects from seeing...
  4. PirateGirl

    Coop-top Garden? Pallet Garden?

    I have been toying with the idea of making a coop-top garden. Has anyone done this? Pros? Cons? Successes? Failures? Advice? Also toying with the idea of a pallet garden or using a pallet I have to make a coop-top/run-top garden. This would also shelter the chickens from the elements...
  5. Smuvers Farm

    Pallet Nesting Box Designs?

    Our new friend, @tawaz accidentally PMed me instead of posting the thread.... He would like to see any designs for nesting boxes made from old pallets he can build inside his coop(s) where the birds are already laying. Anyone have any designs they can share?
  6. Kranna

    Pallet Coop

    I have access to a ton of pallets in good condition, and would like to build my next coop (for about 6 hens) out of pallet wood. Does anyone have any design plans? Has anyone made a pallet coop? :)
  7. RHChicks

    Using pallets for walls of the run

    I am trying to find something on using pallets stacked maybe 2 high for the walls and roof of a run. We have a 8x12 old shed that we are converting and i want to be able to have a run where i can go in and chill with the chicks.
  8. Coastal Cottage Coop

    Coastal Cottage Coop

    Coop floor is 3' off the ground. Coop measures 3' x 8'. From floor to max ceiling height is approximately 4' tall. This coop is made entirely from recycled wood. Mainly old pallets and an old privacy fence I took down. My coop is not finished just yet but is functional for my 10 young girls...
  9. Alaskan's Smaller Coops

    Alaskan's Smaller Coops

    My big Chicken Coop Complex is on this page: My Free Bantam Coop is on this page: This page is for my two small coops, the about $8 Muscovy Coop in my orchard, and the Pond...
  10. Fate's Crooked Chicken Shack

    Fate's Crooked Chicken Shack

    Fate has a way of changing your path when you least expect it and such was the case for me in 2012. In November I moved to a new home for the second time that year and found myself without chickens. I missed them quite a bit and by March of 2013 I was scanning Craigslist for chickens - any...
  11. Free Coop From Pallets

    Free Coop From Pallets

    Describe 'Free Coop From Pallets' here I needed a new coop but was totally broke. I began dumpster diving and gathering good throw away pallets. I found out the hard way these pallets are oak and heavy. I made sure they were all the same size. Broken ones were kept aside to use the wood as...
  12. Pallet coop in the making!

    Pallet coop in the making!

    My husband and I are building a chicken coop made from recycled wood pallets! We just started building the coop this past weekend and it has been successful! I have never built anything before so this should be interesting! Pictures to follow....... UPDATE 2.26.13 After 2.5 days of building...
  13. Riggs Pallet Coop

    Riggs Pallet Coop

    Riggs Pallet Coop! This is our finished coop!!!! We have the barn, and right next to the barn, is our pig pen and right next to that is the chicken coop.. Read on to see how it all came together... After a bunch of research on BYC and getting great ideas, we started...
  14. Our Coop Construction Churk Central

    Our Coop Construction Churk Central

    Churk Central: A pallet coop built and dedicated to the memory of out first chicken (Churkey) Earlier this year, after free ranging a dozen chickens over the past six years, we had our first real predator event. A male red fox decimated almost our entire population of chickens, including our...
  15. Pallet Coops

    Pallet Coops

    This is what we started with The walls Floor We had to cut the walls to fit and to create the slant for runoff Building the nesting boxes We are trying to recycle EVERYTHING and getting some things given to us With the economy the way it is right now I know alot of you like...
  16. W Upton Henville

    W Upton Henville

    After a short summer vacation stint of chicken sitting for a neighbor my children and I (mostly I) felt like we'd like a go at it ourselves!! I have a 8x8x8 unused playhouse in my back yard that looks like it could be converted nicely into a coop...It was just a week before that I gave the kids...
  17. Cheap And Recycled

    Cheap And Recycled

    I used mostly discarded packing pallets that I found in an industrial park. True, I had to disassemble and clean all the wood of nails, etc, but it really wasn't that bad. Also I had 4 toilet seats that I didn't know what to do with and thought they might be handy. So...using some ideas from...
  18. Kruer Pallet Scrap Coop

    Kruer Pallet Scrap Coop

    Hubby has lots of access to scrap wood and various sized pallets from his workplace. So I thought I'd try my hand using them to build a small coop. I found that while you don't need a lot of skill to build a (small) pallet coop, you do need time, patience, and a bit of muscle (because those...
  19. Cluckychuckys Pallet Palace

    Cluckychuckys Pallet Palace

    Here is my homemade, bargain basement, bits and pieces, CluckyChucky Pallet Palace! We started with the purchase of the only "store bought" items in the chicken tractor, the wall studs that I used to frame out the tractor itself. I believe they were around a dollar and change a piece. Then, I...
  20. Buckeye Boudoir

    Buckeye Boudoir

    Buckeye Boudoir A new coop just for Buckeyes...check my story on my BYC page! Due to an apparent shortage of Buckeyes, and since I'm one of the "dang Yankees" who came to Texas (thanks to Uncle Sam) and decided to stay (originally from Ohio), I've decided to build a coop just for that breed...
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