1. Dfarago

    Muscovy duck recipes

    I now have nine Muscovies in my freezer. Anyone have any good recipes for Muscovy meat specifically that doesn’t cost a lot?
  2. FluffTheDuck

    Baked Lemon Chicken

    For this recipe, you’ll need boneless skinless chicken breasts. I brown the breasts before I put them in the oven, it takes a few extra minutes but I feel like the added flavor is so worth it. After the chicken is golden brown and crispy, it goes into a baking dish with some lemon juice...
  3. 3bird

    (Duck) Eggs! It's What's for Dinner - Thinking Outside the Shell

    Hi, Guys. We've started a thread of our favorite duck egg recipes over in the duck forum, but somebody told me I should also post here. Click here to see the original thread, or you can jump to a specific recipe from the links below. Recipe One: Duck Egg Curry (Burmese, not Indian) Recipe...
  4. KLIL

    What's for Dinner?

    Hi Everyone, Thought I would make a post to share recipes, dinner ideas with each other, get to know each other a bit better and ask how to make something you would like to make. Tonight for dinner is Slow Cooked Chicken Fajitas. I will post photos last today. What are you having for...
  5. PirateGirl

    What's in your QUICHE?

    Now that spring has sprung and we have lots of eggs I've been on a quiche kick. So easy to make and easy to pack to work for breakfasts and lunches. What are your favorite filling combos for quiche? My most recent quiche was tomato, mozzarella, chives, and Italian seasoning. The last one was...
  6. Farmer Connie


    This Thread is in conjunction with: SPRING CHICKEN Contest Series Extravaganza! ALL MEMBERS MAY ENTER!
  7. Functional Rustic

    Cooking Bronze Turkey Eggs

    My bronze turkey, Gladys, is laying eggs now. So cool. The first few were twin yolks. I'm noticing that the yolk is much thicker than a chicken egg. How will my dishes change when I use Turkey egg instead of Chicken egg? Do you have any Turkey Egg specific recipes? Any tips for breaking the...
  8. fangedknight

    Rabbit Recipes?

    Hey guys! Wanted to see if anyone had any good recipes for cooking rabbit. We're just getting ready to get started on our meat rabbit project and I wanted to get some ideas for what to make when the time comes.
  9. Smuvers Farm

    Bright Idea to Use, yet Save Eggs!

    I didn't see anything posted like this, but people I've spoken with thought it was ingenious, so I thought I'd pass this on to you! Take some egg rings, like the pic below, and put them into a pan on the stove over medium-ish heat. Now, crack your egg into it. Once the bottom starts to set...
  10. Starlings and dogs

    birthday ideas

    ok so i need some vegan recipes and some fun cheap game ideas oh and some decor ideas thanks so much
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