1. ChickChic00

    Price Mix Breed Chickens

    Anyone know how much I could sell 1 and a half month old Rhode Island Red, and Black Australorp Cross Roosters? I've been breeding the rir and ba for a bit and needing to make money as well. Winter is so hard. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
  2. Taprootgarden

    Changing of the guard

    We've had a Mottled Java rooster for 3 years, in a flock of 30 chickens. Last winter, in the group of 4 Blue Copper Maran chicks we raised, one was a rooster. Now two roosters in a flock of around 40, the older one was clearly and forcefully in charge - until about two weeks ago. Now he...
  3. wa2qcj

    ??New Member??

    Not really, but never got around to introducing myself. Just why I began raising chickens, not totally sure, but it has been interesting to say the least. That old yarn about chickens being dumb, those people have obviously never raised chickens. Stupid they are not, limited, yes, but they'll...
  4. Dance_in_Fire

    What do you think?

    So, i came out this morning and found one of my hens not only outside the coop but outside a fenced yard. She was wet(its been raining) and very cold, shivering. I caught her brought her in and gave her a warm bath to get rid of the mud that was caked on her. Only then i noticed the extent of...
  5. Littlebear123

    Chickens Aren’t Laying, Roosters Aren’t Jumping

    So I’ve got a tricky situation that I’ve never heard of. We’ve had chickens for about 3 years and have dealt with all kinds of situations with them. Starting 2 months ago our chickens just stopped laying eggs. At first we thought they were molting but they just finished going through that and...
  6. I

    Rooster adoption

    Hi, I live in the Toms River area and have 2 roosters that I am looking to give away to a loving home. they are both 5 months old. One is a Polish Crested Rooster and the other is a Lackenvelder. They are both very friendly and very playful as they are used to playing with my kids daily...
  7. S

    Reducing numbers...hens and roosters

    I will be posting here and there with some hens and roosters to rehome. Our chicken numbers grew from 12 to more than 200. I can support, care for, and love all of them -- but my pastures are asking for a break to recover. At any time, I have roosters available. Some are young - cockerels...
  8. Shireen

    Can I keep them?

    I had one hen left so I got a new flock this spring. Four hens and 5 straight run mixed bantams. Out of those 5, four turned out to be roosters. So, now I have 4 roosters (silkies, cochin, and idk) and 5 hens total. I've looked into rehoming the roosters. Every time I get close to finding...
  9. M

    Another gender post!

    We got these two chicks from a Tractor Supply store. They were Bantam Polish straight runs. They are now 4 weeks old. One is developing red lines under their chin which appear to be wattles. Also a red line developing around their beak where the feathers meet the beak. The other chick has the...
  10. S

    Black sex-link pullet actually rooster??

    Couldn't find the exact month i bought our 3 black sexlink and 3 amberlink chicks at a Tractor Supply in spring, but they're all at sexual maturity now, though the hens haven't begun laying yet. However as the chicks matured, 2 began to display every male chicken characteristic, and yet every...
  11. J

    Roosters in need of a home ASAP

    Help! I’m a novice chicken owner. My knowledge is limited and I don’t own any of my own yet. A group of 8 roosters were abandoned in my neighbor’s yard last week and we don’t know what to do with them. They’re good, but we have a coyote problem and there’s not enough room in their coop for...
  12. Laurel09

    Introducing a rooster to commercial laying hens

    Hello everyone. I have two roosters in my backyard flock and I also have 10 Rhodes island commercial layer hens. My question is, if I introduced the two roosters into my commercial layers coup, will they lay fertile eggs that I can incubate and hatch successfully.
  13. Chikibabymom

    2 month old roos in AZ

    We had gotten five baby chicks from the local feed store and now that they’re two months old, we’ve found that two of them are roosters and were misgendered. One is a Japanese Bantam and the other is a D’uccle Bantam. They’ve been together since week one and we would prefer it if they were...
  14. Kezzahh

    Pullets or roosters

    6 week old
  15. CJLR

    North Carolina

    Hi I am looking to rehome some of my chickens we just have too many I have 3 easter Eggers 1 barnyard mix 1 columbian Wyandotte hen and 1 ameraucana rooster all of the hens are a little skittish but the rooster is friendly and will even follow us around the yard sometimes he is not...
  16. NubbyRyuu

    Roos Need Loving Homes

    My neighbor, Cindy, has agreed to allow me to post a rehoming thread for her Roosters. She ended up with more than she expected, and each one needs a loving home. They're all roughly a few months of age, and various breeds. Please contact Cindy via text or call. I shall post updates when...
  17. Sprinkleslover

    Polish Roo and Cochin Frizzle roo need home

    I have a Polish Golden Laced roo and a Red Cochin Frizzle bantams that need a home. The Polish is around 16 weeks and the Cochin is about 14 weeks. They are at separate locations. The polish is in a flock of 11 and the Cochin has been with only one RIR. The Cochin is skittish and gets a little...
  18. XxAngiexX

    Hens or Roosters?

    I recently bought five, month-and-a-half-old chicks of different breeds. The man told us that they all should be pullets, but he wasn’t sure. There are two golden laced wyandottes, two red laced wyandottes, and I can’t remember what he said the last one was. I raise them as pets, and for the...
  19. B

    Update On Roosters and Guineas

    It almost seems like Bucky, our biggest rooster, has become the "leader" of the guineas. He will attack Molasses, Lily, and Storm and the entire flock of guineas will join in and beat the poor things until they run away or fly into the trees. Ang and Fire are doing just fine with the guinea...
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