🍃August Hatch-a-Long🍃

Where do your hatching eggs come from?

  • Homegrown

    Votes: 53 53.0%
  • Hatchery

    Votes: 8 8.0%
  • Breeder (shipped)

    Votes: 21 21.0%
  • Breeder (local)

    Votes: 12 12.0%
  • Other (please comment below)

    Votes: 6 6.0%

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Jan 17, 2020
Worley, ID
I have not tried weighing my eggs. I have humidity set in my incubators the same for Marans eggs as all my other types of eggs. I can usually see a floating black "blob" in most my marans eggs by day 7. As long as the "blob" keeps getting bigger I call it good. Even this approach, I will not pull any marans eggs until day 14. @Vantic might have some idea what to do if not replied yet (still catching up on posts for the day).
I did just finish my Maran hatch. I use the weight method. My eggs reacted as most predicted a Maran egg would, as in they didn't lose weight as fast as the Creme Legbar eggs in the same cooker. So I am surprised that yours lost so dramatically. I have two things from my experience. 1) everyone's advice so far is spot in for correcting. 2) I found that the eggs that didn't preform like the other maran eggs usually candle as dead or clears (pitch black room with a super bright candler). Even then I would doubt and mark them to verify at the next candle.

Good luck, you can do this.


Jun 4, 2020
Well I posted in the July hatch a long about my very first attempt at hatching and how it ended in 0 chicks. I tried again and this time I dry hatched because the first hatch was too wet, we have very high humidity here. This time I happy to say that I have 3 beautiful serama chicks. My first ever chicks I hatched myself. I’m so happy and glad I tried again. These were shipped eggs from eBay so only 3 out of 14 made it but I’m just glad to have any ❤



Premium Feather Member
Jun 21, 2019
What do you think about this chick, it doesn't seem to be able to zip, should I assist? It's a shipped egg.

Looks like it’s not done absorbing everything, it’s still making chewing and yawning motions. Give it a bit more time. :) it can breathe, so it’ll zip when it’s ready. :D when did it first pip, and did it internally pip and then externally, or did it do both through the opposite side of the egg?

I’ve stopped fussing with them now until they either start zipping and then stop, or they look like they’re trying to zip, repeatedly hitting the air, and screaming bloody murder. Then I help them out. xD Unless of course it’s one I know is going to need help like a malposition. Even then. As long as they can breathe I usually leave them as long as I can to make sure they’re done absorbing. 👍

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