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    This is my very last pair of cuckoo silkies. I worked several years on this color pattern and this pair is all that's left of my work (other than ones that have been sold at earlier times). This roo carries 2 copies of the cuckoo gene so bred to this cuckoo hen you *should* get 100% cuckoo, breed him to a black hen you should get 50-50. Both are 15th generation, I believe both are vaulted but I will have to double-check to verify. Again, these pics are not recent but both birds are about 2 1/2 yrs old. They have been running with the rest of my chicken flock so are somewhat scraggly. The hen is coming out of a molt now and should be fabulous in no time. Asking $50 for the pair plus $45 for shipping, YOU supply the box. Combine with my whites for sell and save on shipping.

    ETA: I have also listed these birds on Eggbid so reserve the right to pull my listing if there are bids. Thanks!!

    THERE HAS BEEN A BID PLACED ON THESE ON EGGBID, THEREFORE I AM CLOSING THIS LISTING. If there are problems with the auction sale, I will relist this pair....


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