10 + 2 Golden Coment Hatching eggs NPIP "Auction"


10 Years
May 11, 2009
South Central, Kentucky
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Description:10 + 2 Golden Comet Hatching Fertile eggs AUCTION. South Central Ky

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Laying Nice big brown eggs.
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I'm not crossing anything. This is what they are.

I think why Halo was asking you that question is because golden comets bred to eachother do not breed golden comets..they dont breed true..you have to have two different types of birds to create golden commets..not mate them to eachother...im sorry
Ok, Well, I guess I may be confused. I haven't breed these with anything yet. I got these about a month ago. I bought 6 hens and 1 rooster. They were already laying huge eggs. I bought them so that we could have plenty eggs to eat. But they are laying more than we are eating. I have 2 other hens just for eggs to. So between these and the other 2 hens, we have extras.
When I bought them, that is what the man told me they were. So I guess they are golden comets, but their offspring will be different. So what would their offspring be. I have had alot of experience with other breeds, but not this one. I know he said he hatched some from his older hens recently and they were lighter in color.

So with that. I have these eggs for sale. Sorry I don't know more about them.
Chances are that if the photo is of the parent stock, they are already 3rd generation, as the rooster shown is golden colored. Golden Comets is a name given by most hatcheries to an F1, first generation sexlink hybrid. (usually RIR over Delaware or similar) The confusion comes in because when folks hear "Golden Comet" that sex link is what they have in mind. A chick sexable at hatch because the pullets are golden/brown while the cockerels are white. If the photo shows the parent stock, they were not sexable as both the rooster and hens are both golden. The chicks hatched from these eggs will also not be sexable. Sorry the guy told you they were Golden Comets, as they are not, at least not in the usual sense or generally accepted understanding. Sorry.
Oh, also they are not from a hatchery, they are from a local farm. The man has raised them. I do know this, because I know the people personally. I just never realized that their name or breed came from other breeds. Or which breeds. I thought Golden Comets was a breed of their own.

I do have other breeds that I have studied and done alot of research on. But not these. These are the first I have ever had of this breed. I got what I thought was a good deal on them, because the people did want to deal with so many through the winter. I needed more hens for the eggs, for eating. So I asked him what he wanted for some. I bought the six hens and 1 rooster to go with them. Now we are getting more eggs than we really need. So I thought I would share by putting them on here. Their eggs are really big and I didn't have to wait for them to start laying.

Anyway. The are calm, standard size birds. With large to extra large eggs. They lay nearly every day. I now don't know what to call them besides Chickens.. hahaha! But I really need to sell some.

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