~10 Welsummer roo chicks from breeder, free to good home


8 Years
Apr 22, 2014

My order of straight-run Welsummer chicks is likely to ship in late April from William Morrow at Whitmore Farm. The chicks in this line of Welsummers have sex-link coloration, so I plan to give away ~10 boys as I'm not supposed to have roos or that many chickens where I live.

I'm hoping there is someone near my home in Riverside CA interested in raising up some beautiful, well-dispositioned, roos from this reputable breeder--the large, dark terra cotta speckled eggs from this line are beautiful. Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to ship them anywhere, though I do make trips to the Los Angeles area and might be able to drop them off if there is not local interest.

You can see a description of this line of Welsummers on the Whitmore Farm website.
I may be interested here. I like what I've seen from the Welsumer breed so far. I have read nothing but great things. I have 5 female baby chicks right now, all a little over a week old. I wouldn't mind adding a rooster to the flock. All of them same age, just over a week old. I am not certain how the neighbors would react. I might ask them first. Or, I may just ask for forgiveness later. LOL. Anyway, I am not too far away from you, and if you are giving them away, I may have to make the drive down. I would only want 1. Let me know when you get them in, how many end up being male, and post pics if you can.

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