2-3 day old home raised incubator chicks--one with backed bits of shell stuck on his back, just noti

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    Mar 20, 2013
    2-3 day old home raised incubator chicks from the daily eggs we get for breakfast from the coop. some bantams and many RIR, white rock or aracauna blends... not pure breds any more, but adorable non the less.

    we have about 28 new babies from the 3 dozen! most are great. one was slow to hatch out and we actually helped break the shell a bit. He is moving around great but with baked bits of shell stuck on his back. it is tightly baked and hardened to the feather hairs and I am afraid to pull it off. would getting him wet hurt much?

    we have another with splay leg or slipped tendon. just over 48 hours old. can i save them?? I will be getting the POLY VISOL tomorrow. will also try to separate them--they seem to move at the same pace and can be buddies. Should I try to repeatedly put the tendon back, or try the braces??

    Any advice would be appreciated. it breaks my heart to see them trying so hard and only me to help them!

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    Mar 19, 2013
    The baked on bits should be o.k. one of mine had that problem, she's fine now. As the feathers grow or fall out on their own it seems to release the shell bits.
    The chick I had with a bad leg problem died but the chick that seemed to use one leg held too far back like a kick stand has righted itself and is walking tine now.
    Best wishes....sorry I have no good advice for you other than wait and see.
  3. razzledazzle5

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    Mar 20, 2013
    Hello, for anyone that may read this, I meant to say "BAKED" bits of shell and membrane hardened on to the chicks back, like where a saddle would go. He is moving around, 2 days old now. should I try to remove the shell? will it eventually come off? the others are pecking at it a bit, don't want to pry and rip or expose the tender skin, but also don't want to stunt his growth or hinder his development...

    also, I am pretty sure the chick with the leg problem has the Slipped Tendon as I watched a youtube video on how to press it back. I tried this, but it pops back to where it was. I can do this repeatedly, but to no avail. I will keep trying to stretch it throughout the day but looking for advice on if this is painful to the little one? is it a lost cause at the beginning of his 4th day? I started late last nite.

    THANKS in advance for any help!
  4. razzledazzle5

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    Mar 20, 2013
    Thanks, I appreciate the advice on the baked shell bits. I will be patient!

    ALSO, he has his eyes open better now too.
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    For stuck on shell bits I use a Q-tip or moist paper towel. Warm water. Or just warm water and your finger. The water will loosen it up nicely. Water won't hurt it, just put it back when you're done to dry out, and don't keep it out too long, you don't want it to get chilled.

    I've not experienced the slipped tendon. I have treated for splay leg with the splints, and those birds ended up getting the use of their legs. One never did totally straighten out, and ended up with the name of "Kick Stand" because of how he used the leg. He turned out to be really tame and sweet and went on to a pet home.

    All you can do is try, and learn as you go. The birds will fight for their life, or they will not. So long as they have the fight, I try everything I can come up with.

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