2+ dozen Bantam Cochin and Cochin mixed eggs SHIPPING INCLUDED!!!

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    Ok, so I went out to my coop today and I was wondering why there was only one egg in the nest boxes. Surprise! They've been laying UNDER the coop!!! We figured this out last week and we've been steadily collecting, but they must have ALL gone under there today because we pulled out 24 eggs!!!! So, I'm offering them up to anyone that would like to have some fertile eggs to incubate. I know they're fertile cause I get a nearly 100% hatch rate. I have 30 eggs set to hatch the 24th. There were 33, but 3 were clear. Pretty good for so many eggs! Shipping is included. I will wrap the eggs carefully, and I will include extras as they continue to lay, so you could get up to 30 eggs depending on how nice the ladies are. In my Bantam flock I have:

    Blue Splash, Black, Barred, Black Mottled, and White Cochins
    White Silkies
    Buff Orpingtons
    a Dark Brahma roo
    A Black Silkie mixed hen
    A Mille Fleur d'Uccle hen

    Of the chicks I've hatched out so far I have gotten Blue, Blue Splash, Black, and Barred Cochins, and a Silkie/Cochin mix that is the loveliest charcoal gray. He's so cute that he looks like a fluffy, feather footed Polish with his little mohawk, lol. So this is a Buy it Now Auction. The eggs will be shipped Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on when my printer ink gets here! If no one wants them then I'm gonna be serving my family A LOT of omelets! Lol! Ok, on to pictures. First will be pictures of the parent birds, followed by pictures of some of the chicks I've hatched out:

    My Blue Splash roo Abner:

    My BO hen Hailey:

    My Black Mottled hen Pebbles:

    My handsome Barred roo Buddy:

    One my Splash hens. This is Princess:

    My younger DD with one of her two Silkie hens. This is Heidi:

    And for some pics of the chicks. These are at various ages cause I snap pictures when I can!:

    Clem the Silkie/Cochin mix:

    Splash Cochin pullet:

    Blue Cochin chick:

    Barred Cochin chick:

    Black Cochin chick:

    I am also taking orders for eggs right now, so if you'd like to get some outside of this auction, just PM me. Hope you like my babies! I love my Banties!!!

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