2 ducklings piping on wrong side and not making any progress in 24 hours


Aug 5, 2020
This is my first time hatching eggs and I’m having some problems
I have 4 pekin duck eggs and I’m realy worried
2 have piped on the wrong side of the egg and aren’t making any more progress in 24hours
Safely after reading and watching what to do, I made the pip hole bigger and moistened the membrain as it had gotten hard, I also candled the inside to look for veins and their are a few tiny ones
They are still cheeping and moving but I can see them trying to hatch but nothing happening
From what I can see inside one of the eggs, it seems that it’s starting to fluff up a bit
I’ve also put a damp paper towel on them to increase humidity, which it is
I’m just worried about them hatching as they were due today
My other 2 eggs seem to be doing ok but I’m not sure if they are zipping yet, they are making a few more cracks but it’s still taking a while, I’m not too worried about them but one keeps trying to move one bit of shell whilst the other seems to be doing cracks in a circle
Any help would be appreciated



Crossing the Road
5 Years
Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand
Ducklings can take up to 48 hours to hatch from the time they externally pip. Keep the humidity up as that will keep the membrane supple. If the membrane is white it is fine. If it starts to brown then that's the time to add a bit of oil to keep it moist.

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