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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by circleb, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. circleb

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    Nov 6, 2009
    1st question is I recently added 2 new pullets (hens) to my flock........they were born in early May and the Rhode Island Red has been laying beautiful brown eggs for quite a while now, but the EE pullet is still NOT laying. Something wrong with her? It can't be healthy to not be laying yet can it?

    2nd, I work at a feed store and my chickens are getting Layena crumbles (as much as they want) and I also add in cracked corn too. Is there anything else that is good for chickens I can give them? They also get table scraps (fruits/veggies, etc).

    Thank you.
  2. Princess Amri

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    Jul 16, 2009
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    First, welcome! Second:
    Quote:Some hens just take longer than others. Perfectly normal and healthy.

    2nd, I work at a feed store and my chickens are getting Layena crumbles (as much as they want) and I also add in cracked corn too. Is there anything else that is good for chickens I can give them? They also get table scraps (fruits/veggies, etc)

    Sounds like a good diet to me.

    Are you chicken crazed yet?​
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    Nov 12, 2008
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    Your EE should be laying, but maybe she's just a late bloomer, coupled with our shorter days. As for feed, I use oats mixed with cracked corn for scratch, and sometimes add in some floating game fish food (smaller pellets). My chickens love it! I quit buying "hen scratch" because a lot of the seeds it contains end up wasted... my birds just don't like them.

    Kathy, Bellville TX
  4. farmgirlie1031

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    Apr 26, 2008
    Welcome! Sounds like a good diet. I also give veggies and sometimes stale bread. They also hop in and out of the other animal areas and eat dropped grain from the horses and goats. No waste here [​IMG] The other pullet will probably start laying soon. Mine born in May just started laying on Halloween.
  5. jenjscott

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    May 24, 2008
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    It depends on how much corn. If half their diet is corn, then they are not getting enough protein. Mine will fill up on corn instead of layer pellets if given the chance. With only around 8% protein, it doesn't take much to lower your overall %protein intake.
  6. wombat

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    Jun 23, 2009
    I don't have any EEs, but I see a lot of people here with a mixed batch of birds asking when their EEs will start to lay. It would seem that it's not unusual for them to take longer to get started. My RIRs start at between 23-28 weeks in general. I see a lot of people here asking about EEs at 30+ weeks.

    As for the feed: No more than 10%-15% of feed should be scratch grains, as a rule of thumb. Scraps are great, in moderation esp if you use a variety. Just take care not to overdo it to the point that you're diluting the nutrition they are getting from their regular feed.

    I like to give them a lot of Layena first thing in the morning, and not put down scratch until they've eaten their fill of their layer ration. I don't give them treats until later in the day.
  7. chicknjane

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    Jul 2, 2009
    Pine Grove, PA
    I can't add anything more than what has already been said, other than [​IMG]
  8. the simple life

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    All of my EEs laid much later than my other breeds.
    I have 12 EEs hatched in early April, now 7 months old, none of them are laying yet.
    Most of my others didn't lay until between 28-32 weeks and as someone else mentioned the shorter day light hours are also going to make a difference.
    I really don't expect them to lay much at all this winter if they ever even start.
    Come spring though we should be rolling in pretty eggs.
    For treats, as mentioned do not give them too much, remember they are just treats and should only be given after they have had their fill of layer food.
    I occasionally will throw them some cracked corn in the winter but I prefer black oil sunflower seeds for them as a treat.
    I also give them yogurt and if I for some reason have extra american cheese I will break up the pieces and throw it to them and they go into an absolute frenzy.
    The kids like to feed it to them because they have so much fun with the chickens going wild so if its on sale I will pick up some extra for them to give out as treats.
    In the winter on those bitter cold days I make a hot mash for them.
    Which is their layer crumbles or pellets mixed with black oil sunflower seeds, cracked corn or scratch and oatmeal mixed together in a galvanized pan and then I pour hot water over it.
    Its really whatever I happen to have on hand but it warms their belly and its a good way to start the day.
    Occasionally if its really cold and the nights are going to be bad I will make it for them in the late afternoon before they go in the coop for the night.
    They love it and they recognize the pan so when they see me coming with it they start following me and tripping me up.
  9. circleb

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    Nov 6, 2009
    Thank you. I should mention that I have been on here before as Shannonb....but can't find my password anywhere. So I just made a new name through my work, since I deal with customers who have chickens.....technically it's work related : )

    Another question is my Rooster absolutely HATES one of my new girls.....he did some major damage to her eye last weekend. I've been doctoring it twice a day with a saline/boric acid solution and kept her confined from the others. I'm scared to let her be with them again. Will he ever get used to her? He went through his naughtiness with the other newbies but always got over it. She sits on her perch until I come home and feed and water her.......last sunday she actually went outside in the pen with the rest and he attacked her and so did the rest of the hens. Her eye will probably not be any good.....she's most likely blind.

    Will I have to keep her seperate forever? She is soooo sweet - I would hate to have to get rid of her. But it doesn't seem to be much of a chicken life by herself.

  10. juliawitt

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    Aug 9, 2009
    If you can define which chickens are picking on her, I would give them a time out. Do you have a segregation area? If so, put the aggressive ones in there for a while and let the timid hen have free time. Let the mean chickens see her ruling their area for several days. Hopefully, she will have time to heal, time to make some friends and the others might learn some manners.

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