2020 Fall Ducklings 🦆💖


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Dec 10, 2012
N.E. Ohio
Oh.My.Gosh! You are a glutton for punishment! Twelve new ducklings. You know there’s at least one drake in that bunch! Such a curious little bunch. You are gonna be duck poor, like I am chicken poor!!! My luck sucks trying to hatch out females. Out of my 4th and final hatch for this year I believe there are 5 cockerels out of 7 chicks. [email protected] it! I just can’t cross the threshold of hatching more females than males and it’s be the very same way with ducks!!! I hope you’re lucky!
Your babies are sisters (🤞🏼) to my Ralphie Dux and Petey Poo! They came from Metzer too! 😍
Metzer, Is a great place to come from good stock good breeding and if you have a problem they do their best to fix it .

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