22 chicks - 3 mamas

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    This is Blue's babies at 2.5 weeks old. Blue is a bantam Cochin. Her babies are 4 Dutch and a mutt bantam from my Dot and one of his ladies. I think the mutt is a little Roo, so he will be free to a good home later on. The Dutch are Cream Light Browns and Blue Cream Light Browns from my Screech over Cream and Lil Sis.
    Blue's chicks

    This is Big Sis' babies at 2 weeks old. Big Sis is a black bantam Cochin. Her babies are 3 Blue/Black Standard Ameraucanas and an odd ball color Ameraucana/EE.
    Big Sis' Chicks

    Finally, this is Momma and her 13 babies(1 missing in pics) at 2 weeks old. Momma is a standard Buff Orpington. The little ones are Standar Blue/Black Ameraucanas. I was worried giving her so many chicks, but she is a very good mother hen.
    Momma's Chicks 1
    Momma's Chicks 2

    So far all the chicks that hatched seem to be doing well. Hopefully that will continue. Well, one ameraucana died at 1 day old. It got crushed under Momma. Just 1 too many. Other then that the rest have been going good.

    The Ameraucanas were hatched from shipped eggs from "Dipsy Doodle Doo".

  2. chickenwhisperer123

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    Great Pics!! I really like your blue Americaunas!!
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    I've got nine chicks from DDD that are 7 weeks old now... I'll have to post some pics.
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    Your mama BO is absolutely beautiful and those babies are to die for cute. I'm almost sad I moved away from NC, now I can't sneak your little roo into my little flock! My husband wouldn't notice just one more, really![​IMG]

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