25-26 hour eggs

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    ok heres the thing I keep reading this 25-26 hours it takes to lay each egg, and I'm sure its possibly the average for some breeds, but I highly doubt it for all birds, I say yes maybe it takes my buff orp 25 hours to produce the next egg because the most I've seen her lay in a row is 4 and she isn't usually an early layer. but my andalusian pullet has now laid an egg every day for 10 days straight. todays came after 11 am and before 2 pm. it wasn't hot when i picked it up at 2. and she lays all her eggs before 5 pm when my dh gets home and none over night, so I'm guessing its aproximately 24 hours for her egg schedule. and just slightly over the 24 hour mark.
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    It takes about 25 hours on average for an egg to go through the hens internal egg laying factory once it has started the journey. I have never read that the hen waits until the previous egg is laid before the next one starts its journey. I have some that lay about the same time every day when they lay. I have some that are not on a regular schedule and might lay at any time during the day.

    They are all different. You can talk about averages, and if you have enough chickens, the averages mean something. But if you are talking about one specific hen, the averages really don't mean that much.
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    It does vary from hen to hen, breed to breed. It's an average, not a rule.

    You have a lighter breed and a heavier breed, so it's hard to compare them. Just be glad you're getting eggs, all my layers are molting right now! [​IMG]
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    Quote:poor you [​IMG]

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