3 mo old chicken died suddenly - heat stroke?


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
We have 3 mo. old golden comments. Went out the other day (very hot for first time this year high 80's) and one was just laying there, didn't want to move and was letting others walk on her. Brought her in, gave water. Rust colored water started coming out of her mouth. Finally about 30 mins later she had a sesiesure (sp) and died. All others are doing fine except we do have one that just isn't moving quit as fast as normal. So I don't know if it was the heat or if there is something else going on.
Any help would be great.

So sorry to hear that. Chickens can definitely have heart attacks or heat strokes........Not sure about seeing a rusty colored liquid coming from the mouth when this happens though. Could they have gotten into something poisonous?
It's partly the heats fault but it also is caused from sickness. So it shouldn't spread to the other chickens.
I'm positive they did not get into anything. I keep them very secure.
I'm fairly new, so a more seasoned member may have a more accurate guess. I live between Los Angeles and Palm Springs... very hot. My chicks are 5-9 weeks now, and have tolerated some notable swings in temperature-- 55 at night and 90 on Memorial Day. Eighty just doesn't seem dangerous for them. But that temp may be a catalyst for bacterial growth, whether in the chicken or out. Mold anywhere? Fungi in any grass? May she have had something developing which the warmth exacerbated?

Very sorry it happened.
The thing is, with chickens, it's often internal issues that we know nothing of, because you often see no symptoms. I doubt the 80s would have caused heat stroke - had they been panting a lot??? I also doubt that it's anything contagious. Probably heart, or something along those lines. Lost my 9 mo old, healthy, beautiful EE last spring. It was hot that day, but not REALLY hot. She died right there in the dustbathing area. It happens. Sorry about your chick.
im really srry bout tht news!!!!
umm well i agree with the other people (srry i dont know u guys names so i cant say all of them lol) about it might have to do with heart stuff. i personally dont think it was from any poison i think it might be from stress or maybe she was the runt and couldnt get food but i dont know the whole story so i hope tht u find out wht happened to her. once agian im sorry about ur loss.

<3 lucyboo
Thank you all. This is a great group. All my other chicks look to be doing fine. I am giving pedialite to be on the safe side. Some do have their wings out because it is hotter here than even the day my chick died. The real bad thing is my 12 yr old daughter witnessed it and she really gets attached to the chicken. Well, we all do but I try to keep it in perspective.
Hey, lucyboo. I home school my children too. Glad to see more homeschoolers!!!

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