30 Hens 2 Roosters, one BIG problem any help appreciated

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  1. Originally, we had 27 Hens, and one Rooster. (Some type of Old English game fowl.) we got him probably four months ago. Took him in (along with his three hens) bc the person that owned them no longer wanted him. We had previously been without a rooster for a few months before hand. 2 Months ago, I got 3 Silver Laced Wyandotte Hens, and one SL Rooster that came with them. Hes a big sweetheart that will let you hold him and fall asleep in your arms. For two months, we have not let the roosters out together. Alternating letting the "old" rooster out with all the hens one day, and the next we would let the SLW out. The SL Rooster only follows are and hangs with his three hens. I have never saw him interact with the other hens at all. But the 2 roosters, for the last couple months have been "sizing each other up" through fencing.. Mocking moves, etc. Even tried to get to each other through the fences. for the last couple weeks. We have been trying to let them out together. They fought a few times, and we break it up every time. (OE of course is the aggressor the SL rooster can be 50 yards away from him, minding his own business with his three little hens and the OE will run him down.) Today, my husband was up working on the coops when a severe thunderstorm came up and had to come in, not able to round the chickens up (or atleast the Roosters) a bit later, we go out and our SL rooster is no where to be found. Couple hours later, he comes wandering out of the woods. Blooded and missing so many feathers. Obviously we know what happened to him. What is you all's suggestion? what would you do? what are we doing wrong? My first thought is to cull the OE rooster. Am I being too harsh? Please help. I'm desperate and seriously stressed over this. I just THOUGHT that 27 hens to himself should keep the OE busy enough he wouldn't try to mess with Zorro. (SL)

    Oh and out of 27 hens (all pretty much 1 year old) the OE is now beginning to make a couple of my PBR hens barebacked.. why is that if he has so many to choose from?

    This is the mean Rooster I'm referring to :

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  2. FrankHomestead

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    Mar 27, 2017
    I would cull him. Ain't no body got time for that! :p
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  3. That's what I'm thinking I'm gonna have to do! We have NEVER had to cull any of our chickens :( , So it will be hard! We had the best rooster in the world that went missing in November of last year. He got mean there for a few weeks until the husband showed him who was boss.. then he was back to being sweet UGA. (his name) he was a PBR .. Pretty sure someone stole him.
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    You already know what your options are. Either keep the roosters separate as you were doing in the beginning, or cull the aggressive one. Or re-home him.

    Roosters can be such fun and wonderfully entertaining, but when things go south, it sure does pile on the stress. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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  5. FrankHomestead

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    Don't feel bad! You have to protect your other chickens and...yourselves! There's probably a good reason the ppl didn't want him anymore...but instead of rehoming he should've made him into stew for his family instead of making him someone else's problem!
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  6. TheTwoRoos

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    Honestly I wouldn't cull him.I would just separate him or get rid of him.

    He isnt human aggressive,he doesn't like other roosters,that is to be expected,some roosters can't stand others,that's just the way it is.
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  7. Folly's place

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    Introducing adult roosters to each other is nearly never going to work! Adding that one is an OEG makes it even harder. Rehome one of them, or keep two separate groups all the time. Mary
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  8. ChickenChaser9

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    OEGs are a VERY aggressive breed and bred to be cock fighters. There is no way you are going to make him befriend your SL. I would honestly get rid of the OEG Roo in whatever manner you feel appropriate before you lose what sounds like a very excellent SL Rooster in a tragic way. Hope this helps. Best Wishes!
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