3rd Annual New Year's Day Hatch!!

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    Quote:Welcome! Glad to have ya!
  2. I'm starting to get really anxious!! Where oh where are my eggs?! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I know, I know they've been shipped, but I'm really nervous...

    I got my 6 swapped eggs already and they are in the turner waiting and looking sad and lost and lonely... lol! (how's that for melodrama?!) [​IMG]
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    Ducks were allowed last year so your goose should be allowed this year. Just wait til the right week. Everyone else work on getting those flapper pics. You know to post in the right week.
    No eggs here yet either but they've shipped.
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    So far I know I have 18 eggs at the PO, 12 to arrive tomorrow and I am pulling out any large eggs I get from my own girls, hoping to get a NN baby. They are young pullets, so the chances aren't so hot there, but picking the large eggs hopefully will help. [​IMG]
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    If you're running a contest and need to clarify your contest or have me add/remove/edit something about it... PM me! Thanks.

    Mahonri's 3rd Annual BYC New Years Day Hatch Contests:

    1. Guess the Number of Total Eggs Set:
    For this contest, participants will be guessing the total number of eggs set by all participants (according to the spreadsheet). Your guess must be in the spreadsheet by 10 December 2011. Eggs set will be calculated by Laree on 12 December 2012, and winner will be announced.
    Prize: 6 month GFM sponsored by BYC/Nifty!

    2. How many of Mahonri's eggs will Laree, Meg & Mahonri Hatch?
    Mahonri is up to starting with 93 eggs. Laree has 36. Meg will get that many tomorrow!
    Guess the number that will hatch out of those eggs and the first three breeds out.
    The Eggs
    30 Icelandics
    6 FBCMs
    8 Olive eggers
    10 Polish
    7 Swedish Flower Hens
    14 Bargain EEs w/ Lavendar Am roo!
    20 W/BW Ams
    Prize: 6 month GFM courtesy of Mahonri!

    3. Guess the Total Number of Chicks Hatched:
    For this contest, participants will be guessing the total number of chicks hatched from all the eggs set by the participants (according to the spreadsheet). Your guess must be in the spreadsheet by 12 December 2012. Total number of chicks hatched will be calculated by Laree on 7 January 2012. The person with the closest guess wins! Make sure to update the spreadsheet with your total number of chicks hatched for an accurate count!
    Prize: 6 month GFM sponsored by BYC/Nifty!

    4. Best Overall Hatch Participant
    PM your one vote for the overall best hatch participant to Mahonri by 11:59:59 MST 5 January 2012. He will tally up the votes and announce the winner.
    Prize: 6 month GFM sponsored by Mahonri!

    5. Sumatra503's Cutest Chick Hatched Photo Contest
    Entries will be accepted between 1/1/12 and 1/10/12, one entrant per hatcher. Chicks in the picture submission must be chicks hatched during the 3rd Annual NYD Hatch. The Contest Winner will be decided via poll so that everyone can help decide the winner. The winner is the chick that has the most votes from the users and is deemed the Cutest New Chick.
    Prize: An adorable chick plush toy

    6. Tazcat70's Best Hatch Rate Contest
    To be eligible for this contest you must set at least 36 eggs as referenced in the original Laree spreadsheet and added to that spreadsheet by you (Mr or Mrs [or Miss or Dr] Hatch Participant) by 15 December 2011. You will self report your hatch rate on Laree's end of contest spreadsheet by 3 January 2012. You may be asked for a confirmation chick picture.
    Prize: Coupon for 2$ off any Manna Pro Product, expires 1 April 2012 (because you're going to need all the help you can get on feed costs!)

    7. Kathyinmo's Calendar Photo Contest
    Best calendar quality HOLIDAY photo. Judges will be BYC folks who are not in the NYD hatch. No names will be submitted with the photos; just numbers.
    Rules are:
    1. Photo must contain poultry; either adult or chicks. (Prefer photos without humans.)
    2. Photo must be your own, not from someone or somewhere else.
    3. Photo must be holiday related..... ANY holiday.... Christmas, Mother's Day, Halloween, Easter, Valentines Day, etc....
    4. Please note which month your calendar quality photo should be published on.
    5. Limit 3 entries per person; though each must be for a different holiday.
    6. PM Kathyinmo with your entry "HOLIDAY calendar contest," in the subject line, as well as post it on this thread.
    7. Open NOW through 3 January 2012, 11:59:59 EST.
    Prize: $20 BYC store gift certificate

    8. SuperChemicalGirl's Caption That Photo Contest WEEK ONE CONTEST
    SCG will post a photo on this thread for you to use your wit/humor to caption, add thought bubbles or an explanation of the situation (like a "Far Side" cartoon). You may photoshop the picture but the original content of the photo must remain the same. Keep it PG, folks, but make us laugh! Submissions similar to previously submitted entries will not be accepted. Photo (with an example that is not used for the contest) will be posted on 11 December 2011. Your submissions must be posted on this thread by 11:59:59 PM EST 18 December 2011 to allow time for judging.
    View submissions here:
    Prize: One Dozen Eggs (assortment) courtesy of Hot2Pot. Shipping included.

    9. Chooks Chick Flapper Contest: WEEK TWO CONTEST
    This contest will begin 18 December 2011, and run until 25 December 2011. Post a picture of your flapping chicken or chickens! Get an action shot! Submissions from last years Easter Flapper Contest are not accepted. Entrants will be posted on a poll on BYC and voted on by BYC members.
    View submissions here:
    Prize: TBD

    10. Karimw's Most Colorful Rooster Contest WEEK THREE CONTEST
    I'm going to pirate a class from the Paint Horse and Appaloosa shows and go with "Most Colorful Rooster" - it is entirely subjective of course big_smile
    1. The picture must be a rooster in his natural plumage (no photoshop or dye job lol )
    2. The subject does not have to be yours, but the photo must have been taken by you.
    3. You may enter only 1 rooster but may include up to 3 pictures of the same bird in order show all his features.
    4. Post the picture(s) on this thread and send it to Karimw in a PM
    5. The contest will run from December 25 - December 31.
    6. I will announce the winner on New Years Day
    Prize: 6 month GFM courtesy of Karimw.

    11. Tazcat70's New Years Hatch New Years Photo Contest WEEK THREE-ISH CONTEST
    Post a picture on the thread of a new years themed picture that deals with anything poultry... confetti, champagne glasses, hats, noise makers - just add poultry... you get the picture. You must take the picture to be eligible. Contest opens 25 December 2011 and closes on 3 January 2012, 11:59:59 EST. Post pictures on the thread. Any volunteers to collect the photos off the thread and make a poll?
    Prize: BYC 2012 Calendar courtesy of Tazcat70!

    **A special thank you to everyone who is running a contest and/or offered a prize**

    If you want to run a contest or have a great idea for one, let me know. We've had multiple contests going on each week or contests that run throughout the entire hatch. If you did not see our Easter Hatch Contests, you may view them at: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=447147&p=416 (post 4156)

    Extra prizes offered that are lonely without a contest:
    1. A dozen eggs from Bargain, shipping included. Winner can choose a dozen of any of the eggs she sells (as long as they are available at that time - as not in a moult or something!)
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    So, as you can see above, our contests are starting to take better shape and form.

    Right now here's what's open:
    Guess the Number of Total Eggs Set
    Guess the Total Number of Chicks Hatched
    Kathyinmo's Calendar Photo Contest

    We've had mild temps the last 2 weeks, so much so that our snow melted and we have bad mud now. As soon as my eggs for this hatch get mailed, yeah... it gets cold and starts snowing. Not too worried though, I had a crazy broody this time last year (and it was much colder) continue to leave her nest once a day to use the little hens room and eat/drink/be merry... always returned to the wrong nest, without fail (even if I'd move it). I'd have to get her back on the right nest when I got home, and often those eggs were frigid! 75% hatched though. So I will not worry, I will not worry.
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    And it begins...... I go to bed, wake up and am behind 4 pages. [​IMG] I love this hatch a long.
    Started my little page # list, so I can go back to the last page I missed and catch up.

    I am trying to come up with a new contest, my mind is blank [​IMG]
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    Still waiting for eggs in the mail!

    It's coming right down to the wire!!!!


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    If I can get any eggs, Ill be in. Im only collecting from my B/W Ameraucanas and Wheaten Marans, or Im trying to anyway. All are slackers right now. So far this week I have......1.
  10. BHep

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    I have collected 14 EE and OE eggs, that I could send to someone for the cost of shipping. PM me if you need eggs, I can get them out today.

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