4 brown eggs today from 3 hens??

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Nov 4, 2017
I thought the magic number was 26 hrs...?

This morning I found 1 egg on the ground near the food/water, when I opened the run at 830am.
Unusual for my hens- a first actually! (they re really good about using the next boxes- which are closed at night)
Then I got 2 more brown eggs around midday and 1 more when I closed up at 830pm!!
Thats 4 and i only have 3 brown egg layers!

I know whose egg it is- they are always speckled...Which means she either laid one from the roost after 830pm last night or Snowflake laid 2 eggs in one day!!?? How is that possible. My other hens lay blue and green- so there is no doubt whose it is.
One of mine will lay from the roost, then lay the next day some time in the afternoon (her normal time) and so if all 4 lay, I get an extra egg. Usually this happens if one missed the day before though.

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