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Sep 29, 2019
Alexandria, Virginia
My name is Maria. I work at Nalls Produce, it’s a small farm/market/plant nursery in Springfield, VA.
I’m reaching out to y’all today because I hatched and hand-raised a chinese goose at Nalls, believing that would be his permanent home, alongside his parents. Unfortunately because of the amount of foot traffic with customers and employees unfamiliarity with geese, as well as the close proximity the animals are to the people. They want me to rehome him and I feel like he could have a better life somewhere else. I’m not sure if he will ever be able to have a mate at Nalls, we are already have two geese which are his parents and their enclosure is very small. It breaks my heart, because he is the first animal I’ve ever raised and I want him to have a full good life. I would really love for him to find a home near by so that I can still visit him and see how he is growing up. He is about 4 months old.
He is very used to people, loves corn, and swimming. I would honestly love to be super involved in getting him settled and adjusted, and would be happy to donate money for his care. He has a goose house built on a pallet so it is move able.
He can be a little aggressive with strangers but warms up pretty fast. I’d love to see him accepted into a flock and find his forever home.
He is currently still living at my work however he is being confined to a small area and it makes me sad to see him like that.
I’m trying to reach out to local farmers in the fairfax va area however I really lack the connections in the farming world. If you are aware of anyone who has waterfowl or chinese geese, I would greatly appreciate if you would be willing to share their contact information or to share mine with them. I would really like to find a good home for my goose. A photo of myself and the goosie!

Thank you for your time!
[email protected]


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Hi! :frow Welcome to BYC! Try posting this in a Virginia specific thread. There are state threads in the forums. Go into forums and make a search for Virginia. Good luck!

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