4 month old Australorp Cockeral Aggression?


11 Years
Sep 21, 2008

We are raising 6 Australorps. 5 girls and a cockeral. They were hatched May 1st and we have had them since 1 day old.

This is my first time raising chickens. A troubling incident happened this afternoon and I'm not sure how to move forward from this point.

Our Australorps free range all day and are confined at night. I've noticed the cockeral who is magnificent by the way, start to try and mate with one particular hen and does a little dance around her and the others and me too! Today my 3 year old son was walking towards the house and the cockeral started to attack him. This was very distressing as he didn't let up.

How should I proceed from here. Can anyone offer advice about what I should do. I don't plan to raise chicks and bought the Cockeral only to keep the order. Right now I would like to give him away to a good home. My husband said if he tries it again we'll be eating rooster.

Any suggestions.

We live in Lower Alabama if anyone would like to have him.
I know this sounds crazy but it worked with one of my roosters. Catch him and carry him upside downd tucked under your arm for a while. That is supposed to show him you are dominate. Sounds crazy but give it a try. And never show fear towards him.

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