4 new babies join my coop, as one leaves....

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    Soon RIP Miss. Henny Penny

    Well I think it's Time to say good bye to Miss. Henny Penny, Shes almost 2 years old, Ive only had for her 2 months. This last weeks 2 1/2 shes been dying of internal egg laying. Shes starving (wont eat drink) and her abdomen huge. can barley move, barley breathe. Shes been in the nesting box for 4 days just sitting there not laying, not laying I think she wants to pass away in there. Shes a hatchery Red star.

    Last night 2 chicks joined my coop, and today 2 joined my coop. They hatched under my broodies. There names are Betty, Debbie, Red Robin, And Henny Penny 2. (my little cousin picked out the names, Except for henny penny) Breeds: Red Star. (my neighbor has 150 redstars so 21 days ago he gave me a dozen)

    Henny penny #1 (this pic was just taken)

    Henny Penny #2 ( this pic was just taken also)

    I dont knw what my coops going to do this spring, because this spring Im giving my moms friend my rooster, And getting a different one. I was thinking out of them 4 new chicks im sure one will be a roo, so Ill just keep one of my new cockeral chicks.

    But on the upside Spring Im buying some polish eggs, and Bo hopfully to hatch in the bator, So theres going to be quite a bit of change this spring.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss [​IMG]
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    Thanks. Well she lived 2 years, a lot of chickens dont live that, long between butchering, predators, disease.

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