5 day old Chick w/ attached umbilical cord?


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Jan 29, 2011
Hi all! I am fairly new to raising chickens, and have not seen this before. I just got some 5 day old chicks from the local feed store, and when I got home I noticed something on one of the chick's rear end. I thought it was dried up poop, but when I looked closer it looks like it is the umbilical cord still attached? Is this normal?
Or should I take it back to the feed store and get a different one?

I wouldn't be too concerned. A few of my chicks had that as well this year. It looks like a little dried up thread, right? =-)

It's the umbilical cord and after much researching and worrying about it, they vanished off my chicks. I did make sure to check in on the ones that had it and made sure that the other chicks were mostly leaving it alone and not pecking at it because I believe that it can do damage to the chick if its not ready to fall off.

However, mine all came off mine without any intervention. I didn't clean them (unless the chick had pasty butt)....but if the vent is clear, no need to do that.

Don't worry, chick momma! Everything will be okay.
No, what she had looked like a bunch of dried up poop, and it turns out that is what it was. Had to give her a little bath and work it out of her little feathers. Now she is warming up under the heat lamp. Her little vent looks a little bit swollen though. Not sure if that is normal since I just stressed her out by giving her a bath??

Thanks so much for your help and advise!
Sometimes their vents WILL look reddish and swollen after a warm bath but it needs to be done to get the poo off. I am glad you found out what it was and got it off since it was poo!

Now, watch for pecking by other peeps- if it is prominent they might notice. If you see pecking Rooster Booster Pick No More Lotion works well (or another brand), but stains. It tastes bad, and the others will be wiping their beaks after trying to peck the little one's behind.
Thanks! It already looks like the swelling has gone down, and she is mostly dry now so her feathers are nice and fuzzy again. She is as good as new!

I will keep that lotion in mind in case I ever need it (hopefully I don't though)!

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