5 mille Fleur D'UCCLE Cockeral's FOR SALE/FREE.................INDIANA


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
New Castle, Indiana



The roo's are now 12 weeks old "BUT" in the pictures they are 9 weeks old. They have started to get BEAUTIFUL spangels and are filling in quite nicely. I can get more pictures if desired of the new spangeling.

Just looking to make feed cost's back...basicly a few bucks a bird. If i can't do that that then they will have to be given away. They have all been hatched by myself and hand trained by myself. They have yet to crow and jump up into my lap when it's treat time. They are VERY sweet little boy's.

765-465-8960 is my cell and the name's kory. I live in east central indiana, new castle. Please call me if at all intrested. thanks
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these need to go everyone. They desirve better than what im giveing them. They would make GREAT 4-h birds for next year...they will be at the perfect age.
Awww I wish I could help you out. We bought a mille fluer roo off of you at chicken stock (hi!) and we love him! He's so sweet and runs right up to us when he sees us coming. Keep us posted. (Just in case I decide to try and make room. The lavender/blue silkie roo would have to go though. Hmmm...)
oh wow how are you? priscilla says hi!!!! lol...so my little hatchling i sold you turned out to be a roo huh?? so sorry about that..lol. So how is err....uh..."Tomato i believe you said" doing?? lol
You remembered! His name has evolved into Potato at the whim of our 3-year-old Calista. He did turn out to be a roo, but we could not be happier with him. Tell Priscilla that I said "HI" too!

And, to anybody reading this post, these mille fleurs are so sweet you should absolutely snatch one up!!

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