5 month old red sex link has droopy comb and hasn't layed in 2 days..advice?


7 Years
Apr 10, 2014
Hello everyone,
This is our first year with chickens and we could sure use some advice. We are concerned that our red sex link hen, Rosie, appeared with a droopy comb today and hasn't layed in two days. She has layed an egg every day since she started laying early this summer. Her comb is still very red and her behavior is normal. I am not sure which stool is hers but it all looks normal as well from what I could see. They are in a coop/run combo and have plenty of room. The only other factor is that the weather has went from the 80's to the 60's in the last week.
What should we be watching for? Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you :)
Are you sure of her age? 5 months old is still really young. Her body needs time to adjust to laying, and sometimes, they take breaks. I've had pullets lay consistently from the start, and I've had others that laid 2 eggs and nothing more for weeks. It's an individual thing with each pullet.
I know that she is around that age. She is a TSC chicken so may be a little off. We just love her to pieces...my 8 year old even wrote a song about her! lol Just want her to be OK. Thank you for your advice

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