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  1. kferrell82

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    Apr 12, 2016
    All of my chickens are of laying age, but only 1 is laying. And she only lays everyother day. The rooster is really mean to the hens and I am wondering if that could effect their laying? Also it has been near 100 degrees here for over a month. I keep their water in the shade and let them out to roam(I have checked my yard for eggs) When will the other hens start laying?
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    Roosters chase hens to mate and show dominance. But the majority of the time a rooster should be gentle with the hens. Young roosters are often aggressive at first winning dominance over the hens. That kind of behavior usually stops once dominance is won.

    I rather suspect it is the temperatures that are keeping the hens from laying; fans, shade, cool treats, and lots of water may help.
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    You don't mention the age or breed of your hens. Maybe they aren't quite of age yet. Also, where you are located has some influence on when pullets and hens lay. If a pullet comes to age just as the days are shortening, they may delay onset of laying until days begin lengthening again in spring.

    I have pullets that should reach point of lay withing the next month or two. However, due to my high elevation and latitude, they may not start laying until spring. This is especially true with pullets hatched late in summer.
  4. kferrell82

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    Apr 12, 2016
    I live in California. They were born in early March.

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