7 month old chickens, never an egg, how long for light to make a difference?


7 Years
Oct 19, 2012
I have got a Welsummer & Americauna (sp?) plus a Golden Sex Link and some mutts. The Golden, God bless her, started laying at 5 months old & has everyday since. The others, never an egg. I thought maybe they shut down before they started because of the shorter days (I am near Portland, Oregon), so a few days ago we started lighting up the coop at 7am and then again in the evening until 10pm. Anybody know how long it may take to see if this approach is working?

I have to figure out what is going on. I paid a high price for them (not the mutts) because I bought them at 4 months old ("almost in their laying cycle" - ha). First time chicken owner here. I was out there looking at them to see if they show any signs of being roosters. No crowing, but one of them looks like it might have the beginning of spurs?

Would worming them make a difference?

If you're going to light them, might I suggest a simple way? Use a timer and have the light come on at 4 or 5 am and go off at 8 am. Allow dusk to occur naturally.

Light "therapy" often works within two weeks. Surely, after weeks of the therapy, you'll see what you're gonna see. It takes a while the retina to photo react, the signal to get sent to brain and the brain to activate the hormones and hormones to engage the reproductive system. You get the idea.

Also be sure they have no other place to sneak and lay their eggs. Starting pullets have no idea about nests you provide and will, if left to free range, find other creative places to hide nests. Best regards,

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