7th Annual BYC New Year's Day 2016 Hatch-A-Long

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    Just read your post Sally. I love love to turn my eggs. I have been too busy on certain days to be able to turn when I should. I've always thought the very same thing..why put them UP on their ends, they aren't like that in a nest with mama. So, things are settling down, I do have some in a turner in the 1588 now..and yes, fresh eggs, and have had two quit. I have just started using this turner a couple of months back. I think I will take the turner out, put the ones that have been in for 10 days now, down, and go ahead and put my eggs in that I got yesterday. I will just be hatching a day .. or two, earlier.
    I knew it, I just knew it. Laying on the side is better. Like you said, it's great to have when you don't have the time to turn like you should by hand.

    Off I go. Eggs being laid down..lol..and eggs being set.
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    Okay!!! Thanks. I must have misread!
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    If the eggs are shipped, they do better in the egg turner.
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    I don't see any reason for eggs to be stood on end, unless you're trying to conserve space. Detached air cells should be dealt with before incubation, IMO. I rolled 18 fresh eggs, and hatched 15 on my first attempt at incubation. When I see hens standing their eggs on end, I may consider trying a different method. Just my 2c...
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    Do you know of studies that show this?

    When I checked into it, the studies showed shipped eggs doing better in an egg turner.

    Like I said though, use whatever method is comfortable and makes sense for the person incubating.

    Temperature is the most important thing! Work on that and you will have 80% plus hatch rates. Shooting for the last 20% gets to be a real challenge.
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    That's why I like my turner (AKA the youtube guy's homemade design); it moves the eggs back and forth across the bottom of the bator slowly while the eggs are on their sides.
    Here's my incubator again. The metal you see across the top is what the motor sits on. It sits parallel to the bottom and the 360 degree motion of the turner is what slides the turner across the bottom.

    As for temp: I second that. I noticed that, after my father hooked my bator up to a computer-controlled temperature control module, my hatch rate doubled, even with shipped eggs.
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    I totally agree [​IMG] if they have displaced air cells by all means put them you must put them upright!! IF THEY ARE GOOD AIR CELLS from shipped eggs, and you have the space and time to turn manual, its best to lay them .... you missed a post where we started I think... post #1539
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    very nice! you should show that in a thread in detail somewhere and post the link my friend!
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    Ok, my counter has been cleaned off, the incubator is out and the hygrometer is in a little Baggie with a salt slushy. >24 hours to go!! I hoping to get some eggs today but no one has gone into the best boxes all day. I'll probably be setting 13 eggs.

    Question: if you disinfect your incubator before storing it, do you re-wash it when you take it out or is it good to go?
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    she was replying to my question about whether I should out a carton in my old Brower for the eggs or just lay them in it.

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