8 months in - MANY QUESTIONS

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    Dec 5, 2017
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    This is my 2nd flock, so I'll skip many questions. After we lost our 1st flock in ONE NIGHT, we bought 5 more from the Amish. While a rocky start, we love them and see how they are CONSTANTLY changing, especially in personality. HERE IS THE QUESTION. I have 4 (I think) hens and one rooster. My Plymouth Rocks are IDENTICAL , after 6 months, I still can't tell them apart until they eat meal worms out of my hands. One of my Plymouth Rocks are in question. No spur, yet no egg..as of this week??? Today I came home to let the "kids" out and I had 6.....SIX eggs. My silkie who is GREAT with the eggs already laid this a.m. ANY THOUGHTS? OH...how do you tell if they have lice. I'm sure this was asked a million times.
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    Welcome, can you share some pictures of them. At their age roosters will be very obvious once you know what you are looking for. Telling same breed birds apart can be hard. It's one reason I keep many different breeds.

    Mites are dark specks that are usually seen around the face and under the wings. Lice you usually see around the vent. You will find their clumps of eggs at the base of the feathers.
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    Agree. Plymouth Rock Roosters are more white. If yours are identical in coloration, you have hens. Search here and you can see the difference in color on top of the feathers and posture.

    For mine, I look at the beaks to tell them apart. They will change, but they have different amounts of darkness on a light yellow background. Feet coloration or personality are also indicators. Otherwise, leg bands. I'm not that worried about following individuals as I was at first. It is all good.

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