8+ Porcelain D'uccle Eggs and 3 lavender/porcelain d'uccle eggs


10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
Bristol Va/Tn area
This auction is for 8+ of my beautiful Porcelain D'uccle eggs... Super sweet and loving little birds! All eggs will be individually bubble wrapped then packed in wood shavings then in a bubble wrap padded box. I have had very good hatch rates with this shipping method even in the recent cold. But as with all shipped eggs, I cannot guarantee your hatch rates. Please ask if you have any questions, thanks... Donna-Marie I will also be including 3 porcelain/lavender d'uccle cross eggs. These babies will be lavenders.

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I also have a pen of 4 porcelain d'uccle pullets with a lavender d'uccle roo, this cross should produce lavenders.. I can do half and half on this auction or add a couple lavender d'uccle "extras" to the winners shipment.
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Oh my!

They are quite possibly the most lovely dilute d'Uccle that I've ever seen in the states.

There are so many things in the way of my being able to do anything about this.

It's winter, I'm moving, I'm working on the place that I bought that I'm moving to, and it's not just decorating, it's big stuff like WATER & HOT WATER!
I've got to get the coops and runs moved and set up.

I just can't take on any new chicks or chickens right now. Dang!!!

If it's OK, can I PM you so I don't loose your contact, then when the dust settles later on in the season, I'll get with you and see about getting a started pair possibly. How much are they?
My Gosh but they are gorgeous!
Sure thing, save me... LOL.. I have babies hatched out from them and I have a group set to hatch for the next two weeks in a row. I may hatch out some more just depends on how the girls lay.

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