8x10 gabled coop with 8x16 A-frame run (lots of pics)

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  1. floridagramps

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    Dec 6, 2011
    Just completed our large coop project. Lots of pics on "Big Cyg" member page on this forum. Built an 8x10 coop with extended roof gables , functional shutters, exterior nesting boxes and a Dutch double door for aesthetics. Attached an 8x16 A-frame run that is covered with welded wire. Run sits on top of a 4x6 pressure treated frame that has wire mesh extending 18 inches outside the foundation below ground. We hope we have varmit proofed for fox, raccoon, bob cat, hawks, eagles and even mountain lions in the high hills south of San Francisco.

    Built from scratch in 2 weeks at a cost of about $2500. Followed excellent suggestions in a book by Taunton Publishers on shed building in their Build Like A Pro series. We didn't have any formal plans and had never attempted a project like this in the past. It was a rewarding experience. The pics graphically explain how we built the coop and run in sufficient detail so that it can be easily replicated.

    Hope this is useful for other newbies. We have 12 Americana Easter egg chickens and the coop could probably handle 12 more.
  2. floridagramps

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    Dec 6, 2011
    To see pics of coop and run use the search function in this forum and type in "big cyg members page"
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    Wow! You are blessed with one fantastic father! I like the photo of him sitting in the chair -- He seems to have a look of satisfaction about his accomplishment. That is such a nice coop and run.
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