9th Annual BYC EHAL, Contest #9—Hatching Chick Photography Contest


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Hatching Chick Photography Contest
9th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-a-Long, contest #9

Photo credit @Happy Chooks

This contest is for pictures of chicks, ducks, emus, quail, or any other poultry species hatching. At least one of the birds must be at least partway in the egg still. Obviously, don't go stuffing a chick/duckling/etc back in the egg for a picture, and please do not open the incubator while photographing, as 'fanning the lid' increases chance of hatch problems.
Please read the full rules detailed below.

1st Place:
Chicken Tea Towel, donated by @Yorkshire Coop

2nd Place:
6 month Premium Feather Membership (PFM) donated by BYC
Contest Rules:
  • This contest is open to all BYC members, but the physical prizes can only be shipped inside the continental United States. Members outside the US that win a physical prize will receive a PFM instead.
  • Some prizes will not be awarded to winners under the age of 18, for example, hatching eggs. In that situation, a PFM will be substituted for the prize.
  • Your submission must be your own photograph, under a year old, and never been entered in other contests.
  • Maximum of two (2) entries per person. An entry consists of one (1) photograph.
  • No editing other than basic cropping and similar processes. We want to see the world through your eyes, er, camera lens; not through the excessive use of editing tools. No captions either, please.
  • To submit your entries, simply post your images in this thread.
  • Please do not open the incubator to take your picture. 'Fanning the lid' increases the chance you will have shrink wrapping or other hatch issues. We realise this is controversial, but please stay on the safe side for this contest.
  • No reptiles. I know it's tempting, but c'mon. Birds only for this contest. :lol:
  • Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. Their decision will be final.
  • BYC Administration reserves the right to disqualify entries/posts not following the rules.
  • All BYC rules apply: Terms of Service (Rules)
  • This contest is void where prohibited.


Deadline: April 11th, 2018 at Midnight PST


Photo credit @BantyChooks

If you have not joined in the Easter Hatch-a-Long, please join us here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/the-9th-annual-byc-easter-hatchalong.1220770/

A big thank you to @Yorkshire Coop for the wonderful prize donation!
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