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Oct 5, 2009
Las Vegas
i have 3 male mallrd ducks.... and a couple questions from the more experienced...

the were born in late april for 1 early may for 2...
when do they learn to fly??? should they be flying already?? they arne't.. are they just lazy since food and water is easy?

i would love to have females for them.... but right now can't afford to buy any... will they be okay on their own.. i've read some funny stories about boy ducks... lol....

and i wanted to put some fish in their little pool in the coop area.. will they eat the fish?? i was going to do this just to put some circulation in there and maybe help with the muck factor.. or should i just not worry about it and continue to just dunp the whole pool over every couple weeks and start fresh?


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Jul 15, 2009
I can only answer the question about the fish. You can put fish in there kiddy pool and they will LOVE you for it. Mine absolutely love going after feeder fish. You will still have to dump and clean there pool everyday or when ever you clean. The goldfish don't each the waste that the ducks put in the pools, they mostly will only eat the algea that grows on the sides. So unless you have a filter of some kind on the pool then putting fish in there would only be for food and fun for the day.

Sorry can't help about the mallard thing.

Boy ducks together should be fine if you get a female make sure you get at least 2 or 3 for them.


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Sep 16, 2009
Southern Arizona
I buy feeder fish for our ducks as a treat. I've seen folks who buy larger fish and put a safety screen over them half-way from the bottom of the pond so the ducks can't get to them but you can see them from above.

Typically they recommend 2 or 3 females per male. We keep 5 females per male, in a flock of twelve. You might try Craigslist for duck giveaways or low priced ducks in your area - lots of folks are re-organizing their flocks right now and a bit desperate.

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