A dog attacked my rooster- what can I do?


Jan 16, 2017
Hey everyone,

My little silkie rooster Tito got attacked last night by a dog. She had him in his mouth but when I checked him he has no punctures nor blood. Right now he can't crow (and oh how he loves to sing) and he's very sad.

What can I do to make him feel better? Please help :hit
I'm sorry to hear about Tito.
Any photos of him?
How is he acting - lethargic, not eating/drinking, etc.?
Have you check everywhere underneath his feathers for bruising, cuts, scrapes, etc.?

Sometimes dogs squeeze, but leave no puncture wounds, he may have some internal injuries or just be in shock. Keep him warm, quiet and calm. Try to get him hydrated. Once he is drinking, then see if he will eat something for you.

I am sorry to hear about your silkie lost his crow. :hugs

I hope this doesn't alarm the other users but I am an extreme animal lover and own 2 pure grown female Dobermans that have either eaten or harmed my flock as well. They are getting better and haven't had an accident in months.

They tend to lock in on my hens back legs or grip their necks. Where was your roo damaged? How was the dog gripping him and did you see the dog shake his body during this attack?

The best way I healed my chickens was giving them more attention and care versus my others. Sure enough she was still able to start laying in a couple of weeks.

Depending on how the dog attacked your roo, the dog could have tore his vocal cord or damaged it and it just needs time and care to heal....
Is he alert, and can he stand and walk? Look for any puffy spots which could be air underneath his skin from an injury. It's always hard to know how they will get along after a dog attack. I had 3 pullets handled by our large dog after jumping over our 4 foot fence in to the yard years ago. Two made it with a lot of missing feathers, but the last who looked fine died after 10 minutes. They can be in shock for a day, but usually will start to perk up if they are not severely injured.
Our free range chickens were attacked by hunting dogs 2 weeks ago. We thought we had lost our Brahma rooster due to amount of his feathers but he was in the hen house. All his feathers from his back were missing and had wounds on his wing and under it and he was in shock. We only had a couple hens left so we left him with them with heat lamps on,which seemed to comfort him. We had an old time remedy called gentian violet compounded and applied it to him. He is still purple but he is crowing again and doing his manly duties! his skin is pink and he hasnt gotten feathers yet but everyday he seems better. Good luck! If you have a compounding pharmacy near you give this a try.

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