A hummingbird miracle!!!


13 Years
Jan 23, 2007
N.E. Louisiana
Almost three weeks ago, one of our cats caught a hummingbird.
Luckily, I was right there when it happened.
This little hummer had an injured left wing & couldn't use it at all. I'm surprised it didn't die just from the stress of me handling it,they are so fragile.
I put it in a clear tote with a feeder in it our screened in porch.We have three feeders out there & lots of hummers passing thru this time of year.

Poor thing kept trying to fly,but would land on its back or its wing would get twisted.I was telling my husband if hummer doesn't get better soon,he'll have to put it down. I couldn't do it.

Yesterday, the little one flew out of the tote.


This morning, I took a dog kennel & used some sheer curtains, covered it & made a bigger space for it to fly around. Little hummer is flying all over the place,still needs to gain some strength,but hopefully we'll be able to let him go in the next few days. I'll make sure it's far away from the house, dern cats.

How wonderful of you!...the pic is fantastic, we dont have them here, so I totally appreciate the picture...it is fantastic, keep us posted to his/her "flight" so glad you where there to save the day..........xxxxxxxxxx
Hey yall, I let little hummer go yesterday morning.
He sat in my hand then took off & flew up in a sweet gum tree & preened. I put him out in the back of our place with a feeder. Hopefully he'll be strong enough to make it further south this winter.
Although it feels like summer time STILL

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