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    @DuckLady This thread doesn't fit the topics in your sticky post, so feel free to move it if you know where it goes.
    I am researching like crazy to ascertain what breed of chicken I want. I am leaning toward Wyandottes. Reading up on the "circle" description, and looking at pictures and a few in real life, I can see it. But before I go saying "that's a Wyandotte" and sounding like a moron. Are there other breeds that exhibit this "circle" characteristic?
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    What are you meaning when you refer to the circle?
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    Are you talking about the lacing on the outer edge of each body feather? If so, yes. There are other laced breeds. Some also have pencilling, which is like lacing with another two little ovals inside of it.
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  4. I had to look up what you meant by the circle characteristic. Are you mostly interested in show birds? I hadn’t considered it in my birds but I can understand what they describe. What I look at to ID a Wyandotte is the rose comb, yellow non feathered legs, four toes and many color varieties have laced feathers. I’ve looked at a lot of pictures too. And I have three gold laced and two silver laced. When they were tiny they had fierce lucha libre faces.

    They have lovely temperaments. One of my pullets is a bit grumpy, but I can pick her up if I like.

    Good luck on choosing your flock!
  5. I think he is talking about this from backyard poultry.
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    That makes sense, thank you. Apologies—Wyandottes are not a breed I am at all familiar with.
  7. No apologies necessary. We know what we know (I had to look up number of toes) and don’t know what we don’t. This is my fave breed so I know a little but never heard of the circle. I don’t have show chickens, so...
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    I don't know about Wyandottes, but Cochins are pretty round.... But I'm show chicken dumb. I just know I love Cochins! Beautiful and, in my experience, very mellow and friendly.

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  9. Cochins are beautiful. I think leghorns, game birds and such are definitely not circle breeds.
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    Cochins are an amazing breed, I own two of them and they're just beautiful. They are nothing but eye candy to me. I've never down show birds so I'm not familiar with circle breeds or what not. I am interested to hear what everyone has to say :pop

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