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Leader Bee

Jun 22, 2018
So, the neighbours have finally made enough noise of their own and my city council have issued me with a notice of abatement for noise considered a "statutory nuisance" I have done all i can to keep my birds quiet -unfortunately it seems that there are no further solutions to resolve this other tha. Rehoming norbert and beep beep - i have found a new home, where they can stay together - I would just like to say thank you for all the support and advice this community has given me in raising my boys and wish you all the best

Thanks guys 👍
I am so sorry. I am sure there were other more troubling noises in your neighborhood. Twelve years ago, I lived in town where the people next door held parties until the wee hours although I had to get up at 4 a.m. for work. Groups of bike-riding children whisked past my house, sometimes riding up my driveway and into my yard. A guy with a very loud motorcycle like to rev it up and race down the street. Yet, my four miniature goats, which had been with me for four years, suddenly were forced to move because a real estate salesperson decided it would hurt his ability to make a commission on a house down the street.

The happy ending for me is that my goats went to live with someone else -- until I could move out of that town. They all lived out the remainder of the lives here with me.

I am sorry about your small-minded neighbors, but I'm glad Norbert and Beep Beep get to stay together. I hope you still get to spend time with them.
I am very sorry. But I think you are doing the best for your ganders in having found a home where they are both welcomed.

You never know what annoyed neighbours will be willing to do, and I hope you can visit them at their new home after they settled in.
Oh sad! I was in a similar situation. City told us we had to rehome all of our birds. We had chickens, ducks, and geese. We rehomed the majority of the ducks and chickens, packed our bags and moved. I wasn’t rehoming my geese. There were other issues involved with our old place, like the city starting to harass us, so we just decided to leave with the geese.
I wish it was an option to just sell and move away :-/ theyre like my children
I completely understand. Geese are wonderful creatures. You had Chinese, correct? They are noisy! My two are always yelling, the embdens only get loud when something works them up.

I really hope you can have your geese again someday. Maybe you’ll find a spot where nobody will complain and you can have all the geese in the world.

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