Accidentally touched quail eggs that she hid!!!


In the Brooder
Aug 2, 2016
i think she was hiding it in her next box because she made a whole in the hay almost nest like and hid the egg under the hay. I picked it up not realising it was an egg will she reject that nest now and the egg or if she is actually broody will she still sit on it. She a Italian coturnix quail in a pair with my male this is her second ever egg I've found. Not sure if I've ever thrown any out because I didn't realise she hid them.
Deep breath......if she is/was going to brood the egg this won't change that.
Thankyou I appreciate the help. I cracked open the first egg she layed a few days back to check if it was fertile and it was so a little good news I guess. If she is broody when will she begin to start sitting on the egg?

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