Adds covering the words...

Alright, Well, at least I know I'm not doing something wrong... I still wish I could read the whole article though...
Ok, I think the problem was that the page was created in our old system which didn't handle big pictures very well. When I looked at the page it was fine, but I'm on a big monitor that is very wide, so the page expanded enough to see everything.

I played with the settings of the page and re-uploaded the images, so give it a look now and let me know if it is any better.
if anyone wants add free browsing including the annoying adds before youtube videos they should first download google chrome and then install add block
this extension allows for the complete and efficient removal of every add on the internet and no i am not a advertisment person from google only i had the same problem and this thing works miracles
Ads keep the site running and the more people that disable ads and don't buy a GFM (which allows you to turn off ads) the more the site has to reduce it's offerings. If you don't like ads, then purchase a GFM and disable them.

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