Advice on colloidal silver please


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May 8, 2011
Hello two of my 8 chickens are poorly and I have sought advice and ordered some Colloidal silver I have been told to put with the water so all of my girls are treated. Three seem to have a cold One is very quiet she is drinking but I haven't seen her eat for a couple of days, The other two each have one swollen eye an are a bit spluttery ( sound a little wet ) I am hoping it arrives today I want to get my girls back in good health and want to protect the others that are not yet sick.

My question is do I need to withdraw from eating the eggs whilst they are being treated Most of them are still laying as normal but I need to be sure If I can eat the eggs or not.
I am new to all this and sadly am having to learn about illness a little sooner than I had hoped.

I believe the sickness came in with the four new girls I got just over a week ago but although they seem to be on the up my original girls are now the ones that are affected.

Thanks In advance for you advice
lolly x
If its just colloidal silver I would use the eggs. I use colloidal silver on me and kids.
I can't give advice on the sick chicks except to say I would go with an antibiotic(still to new to know which kinds though).

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