Snoopy Kim

Mar 20, 2018
Hi there

We have 13 geese and they are in full laying mode. We started out with two nests, but one of them seems to have been abandoned and now they all want to use the other one. The main problem with this is that there seems to be one particular couple who guard this nest and won't let any of the others on it. This morning I happened to look out and see them biting and harrassing another goose that was sitting on the nest. Eventually they managed to scare it off. My questions are: Is it ok for them all to be sharing - I think there might be three as I found three eggs yesterday and assume that a goose wouldn't be laying more than once a day. Second question: If it is ok that they share, what can I do about the bullying couple? Thirdly: Can I assume that this will affect the geese laying eggs? Fourth: Will the other geese just go and find a new nest if they can't lay there?
Sorry for thousand questions, but reading through some of the other questions, there seems to be a great level of knowledge on this forum.
Does it seem ok?No.If their arguing and bickering you need to Seperate them.You can build another cage or nest for the other geese and the other couple remain at the same nest.If you free range they likely will lay elsewhere if they cannot sit in th nest to lay eggs or hatch.
If you have geese you should always be prepared to deal with aggression,which is why I don’t have any anymore because I have a little brother who runs around the yard,wouldn’t be safe.

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