Alfalfa Pellets and Calf


Sep 10, 2019
Can I soak Alfalfa Pellets,corn, whole wheat and feed it to a bull calf? It's a 8-9 week old calf. It's drinking one bottle of milk a day, and already is eating some grain and hay, and drinking water. He is also a jersey. Would the Alfalfa Pellets be good for him if they are soaked? Or can he eat then dry? I looked online and it says to soak it for horses. So should I do the same with a cow/calf? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
I wouldn't soak any of those feeds because of the risk of spoilage if they are not eaten promptly. There is no reason to do so anyway. Just put those feeds in a feeder of some sort and offer it to him. I fed alfalfa pellets to goats and cattle for years. The only thing I ever soaked was alfalfa cubes when I fed them to the goats because the cubes are too big for them to manage.

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