All but one died


Aug 14, 2019
Sorry for the morbid title, but I came home today from a short trip to 4 of 5 of my ducks laying dead in the backyard.

I had 4 pekins and 1 mallard. They were about 4 months old and just started to lay eggs two days ago. We had someone watching them while away, but it seems overnight they died. All but one Pekín was laying around each other lifeless.

They have been free ranging for the past 3 months in the backyard with no problems (entire backyard is fenced). I didn’t notice any blood or signs of being bitten.

We think they might have been killed from the other Pekín (we think is a drake) while mating. We are at a loss for ideas. Any thoughts on what may have caused this?


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Apr 9, 2016
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Hi there, welcome to BYC! :frow

So sorry for your loss. :(

Wow, I never heard of any duck laying at 4 months old.

My money is on predator. My dogs can grab an animal and shake it, leaving behind NO apparent bite marks or blood. :hmm

I agree it was not likely aggressive mating that caused this.

Sorry for the morbid question... did you take any pictures of how the bodies were laying type stuff? A fence is NOT enough to keep out many (if not most) predators. They can often jump it, climb it, dig under it, come over a tree branch or stuff like that. E fencing helps a lot with ground predators. I don't THINK an aerial predator would have gotten that many in one night.

Sorry again! :hugs:hugs


Jun 14, 2019
So sorry for your loss, mine are scared of our pond currently, so something has been after them, they hide very well, so if you found them in open area may not be predator.

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