All of my chickens disappeared, vanished

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by beachylivin, Dec 27, 2014.

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    Mar 26, 2013
    I live in "rural" eastern San Diego, have a little over a half acre and three chickens. All three are 4.5 months (none are laying). I got home from work today about 15 minutes before dark, usually like clockwork the chickens come running from wherever they are to say hi. Today (an hour ago), nothing. I am so broken hearted! They are not in their coop, I walked the whole yard shaking their favorite treat jar and calling for them. Still nothing. There is not a single feather anywhere.

    I figure even if a hawk got them there would be at least a trace of a scuffle somewhere. I have one buff orpington, one black sex link and one ameraucana. They free range all day, and it hasn't been an issue so far. They were free ranging at about half their current size and have survived thus far, even though that's not saying much i suppose.... I will be asking all the neighbors tomorrow... all of the surrounding neighbors have dogs that would kill a chicken in a heart beat. My chickens all grew up comfortably around our two very chicken-friendly dogs, which help keep the coyotes away. However, the dogs were inside all day while I was at work...but even then, if it was a coyote or fox there should be feathers around...

    Is there anyyyy way, they just walked off for the day? I tried soooo hard to not get attached, but they are just so darn fun it's hard not to love them.

    Any advice will be much appreciated
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    Welcome, and so sorry ! Look around again tomorrow, and talk to the neighbors. I hope they are hiding somewhere and will come out. You need a very secure coop and run to avoid a repeat event. People, dogs, hawks, foxes, and many more critters might have taken your chicks, sometimes with no bodies to be found. Mary
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    Sorry to hear about that
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    I'm so sorry to hear that! I've had the same issue this year too - a few my chicks have gone missing without a trace. It's almost as if they did a Houdini. If a hawk (or any predator) they will scoop them up and disappear without a single feather dropping if they are small enough. I thought that way about my chicks but then I saw the culprit - a hawk. Try looking under places where they may be hiding and even ask around your neighborhood to see if they saw any frantic chickens running amok. I hope you find them soon! Good luck!

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