am i guessing right want some opinions to be sure more pics


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
what do you think about breeds and sex i got 2 possibility 3 roo i going to take better pics of later
This one is a 5 week white gaint?

This one is a white rock in the front and white gaint in the back 6 weeks old

6week buff orp Buffy

This is one of my mystery breeds if you look closely at her wing tips shes got brown tips black sex link? but look at her legs they kindof look yellow green my other bsl has brown looking legs and the feet pink so what do you think? its a brown egg layer thats all i know for sure

will post more and maybe better pics if you need somecs
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None of those are white Giants. White Giants have slate legs. Yours have pearl and yellow.

The ones with the yellow legs are White Rocks.
The bottom one looks like it's a mix...Cornish comes to mind. Those are some BIG shanks on that little Cornish looks about right to me.

Your Buff Orp looks like a pullet to me.
Pict. 2 looks like pullets.
Pict. 1 looks like a pullet. I can't tell her legs though because of the sunlight, but I'm going to say white rock or white Leghorn. Can't really tell yet because of the angle that it's taken at.

I would say hands down the last photo is of a Cornish...but the legs are throwing me off. Cornish are supposed to have yellow legs...
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well i bought them from myers as a brown egg assortment so Cornish would have been a big mistake there meat birds here is some more pics of the white one im not sure of

white rock?

white gaint? its got the willow colored legs
im still trying to get good pics of all of them they just dont hold still
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o i was just thinking you meant cornish cross looked up the dark game cornish looked like it but mine has a single comb not a rosecomb or whatever a cornish has and im not sure meyers sells them
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Nonono...don't mean cornish cross either. I work with those birds as well and that bird looks nothing like it.

Can you get some more photos of the bottom black bird?
You agreed with me earlyer on being white gaint but some pepole where sure i just figured iwhould post updated pics of them to see if i get the some yes there white gaints and to be sure ive got my method right on picing them out as babys most where all white some had grey heads and 1 looked like he was smokey grey. Here is my link from a month ago
post 5 has pics rember know lol
i just posted in the wrong post opps lol now its fixed 2 times i post in the wrong post lol not my day to post lol roast yep i seamed to be making bunches of mess ups today lol

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