Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by hcammack, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Quote:I agree! with the chicken pullet egg scenario in that the nature "blueprint" (genes) defines the maximum size of the adult bird- within 3 standard deviations [​IMG], does that make sense? then ya got nurture... feed, water, heat, light, to reach those available max's. hard to explain without me waving my hands around [​IMG]

    case in point, I currently have a simple project underway with white Quail, in that I am only hatching the uniformly larger eggs- single yolks (~14grams). admittedly, we are dealing with apples to watermelons as compared to Quail/Chickens, we are weighing at the 8 week mark.

    I bring this up cause I know you have some worldly experience in there too. I am thinking that an average 9 gram egg chick is 9/14 the size of the larger 14 gram egg chick at birth, and that over the shorter 8 week span, the birds may be larger? again- apples to watermelons... but wanted to chip in .02 and put it on the list to talk about when I get to see ya again [​IMG]
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    MtnGrl......What color is Ricky referred to? I love him![​IMG]
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    Hey Guys, I am showing my wheaten ameraucana hens in the county fair this year. Do you have any tips about showing ameraucanas? I normally show cochins but this year I decided to try somthing new along with my cochins. I wonder how well I will do.Last week I had a guy try to sell me EE's for showmanship. I thought that was kind of funny.

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    Quote:He's a non standard color.
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    Does anyone have a good picture of correct tail carriage? I read the standard, but I am having trouble picturing it. Some of my recent hatches seem to have a much higher tail carriage (higher than the adults it seems?) and I wasn't sure that it looked right? They're not that old, maybe about three months so I'm not sure if I should cull based soley on that ATM. I really only like one out of the 5 I hatched, my next batch was 22, but alas, something ate most of those out from under the broody.
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    Hi from Ga.


    Believe it or not 2 of these are Blue Ameraucanas and 3 are Lavender Orpingtons. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Awwww! [​IMG]

    I have lav orps in with a couple lav ams and they confuse me all the time, but those are really crazy colored blues you have there!
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    I have a couple of questions about breeding and showing my ameraucanas. Today I have questions about tails. I have a lovely black pullet, she is really big bodied, which I love, and has great cheeks! But her tail set has always been low. She hasn't started laying yet, so I can't comment about egg color; she is twenty weeks old, and I expect her to start laying soon. I am posting a pic which shows her typical tail carriage. Is this a DQ while showing, or just points lost? How serious a fault is this when breeding? Please tell me what you all think of her, I am trying to learn to judge my flock.


    I am also getting ready to sell a young wheaton am roo, since I didn't end up with any pullets to breed him with. I think he may have a wry tail, but I am not sure. I never noticed his tail carriage being off until I took pictures yesterday for an interested buyer. [​IMG] Is it possible that he did something to himself or have I just missed it? He doesn't carry it to the side all the time, but more than not the last couple of days. It seemed less today than yesterday (could be wishful thinking). I am afraid I maybe giving him away if it is as bad as I think. [​IMG]

    Thanks for any help everyone.
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    Quote:Sarplaininec - I have no idea what color he would be called, and he keeps changing a little each day. So we'll see what color he ends up being in another couple months. He is a pretty good roo too. So far his crow is pretty quiet and he is not mean at all. [​IMG] Hope it stays that way....
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