Ameraucana with no tail='s EE right?


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Just curious here, if an "Ameraucana" has no tail it's not an ameraucana correct? I see some for sale right now and all the roos have no tails.... I just want to make sure I'm right in thinking that there's gotta be a tail amung other things for it to be am ameraucana? LOL
That's what i was thinking... they're nice birds but the person is callin them Amers. and im preeety sure they're not and just wanted to make sure. I didn't even notice they didn't have tails until someone mentioned it and then that blew me completely out of the water and I just wanted to make sure it isnt like a rare fluke. But yes I agree it sounds like there was a crossing.
I knew that much
I was just curious if there was a natural possibility of it showing up or if it's a no possibility thing.

So it sounds like they are an EE lol

Marlinchaser- Their faces look exactly like Ameraucanas, they dont have those funky curl up into the eye feathers of the Auracanas so I thikn they are a cross of the two breeds.
It would not suprise me if they are mixed. There is someone selling EE's as Ameraucanas in the chickens and chicks section. I have tried to let the person know before that they were selling EE's, but they said that they were sold to him/her as Amers. and that was what he was selling them as, regardless of other info avalable. However, I have seen this same person use the same pics to then sell EE's.
I just don't understand people...
I think we may be talking of the same They are pretty birds otherwise but yeah sounds like EEs. Oh well, I almost was considering buying some hatching eggs until someone mentioned the tail or lack there of
I still have to be more observant
I guess if I sold you a RIR and claimed it was a Turkey, you could turn around and resell it as a Turkey, Ignorance is Bliss, but this sounds like someone relizing they got took, even after the Mistake was pointed out, so they are trying to recoup thier losses at the expense of some other unsuspecting customer. EE's are just that mutts that have been cross breed to get the green egg color, so anything being thrown in there is possible. Also if you read most that sell EE's regardless of linage do not Prommiss colored eggs, just that the potential is there.

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