An Adventure in Mealworms


6 Years
Mar 6, 2013
So, I have been thinking about raising some of my own meal worms. I have been looking up some information about it. Everything makes it sound so easy. So if any of you have tried it, is it as easy as they say? What are some tips for doing it right? What worked for you? I am very interested, but I want to be very informed before I would do anything.
I'm still waiting on new mealworms after mine all went to Beetle.

Course I am also waiting on Spring to come but that may never happen .

There are Several postings about mealworms. Do a google search and this site should come up with multiple threads. I don't get a good search from on the site, but google pops them right up
If you go to Wonder Worm Woman on FB, she has all organic live mealworms, and reasonably priced. First find your organic wheat bran, order it, and get it prepped, and bagged. I went to Wal mart, and got containers that are about double the size of plastic shoe boxes, and drilled a lot of holes in the lids. I let the first batch of worms pupate, and turn into adult bugs, so they would make more larvae. I give them mostly organic carrots for their moisture, and the occasional organic apple. I am working 4 boxes now. I've recently decided to fix up a couple under-the-bed storage containers, and use them too.

My chickens LOVE the live fresh mealworms, but when I have too many to feed them at once, they're not picky, and will eat them from the freezer.

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