An Old Hen Learning New Tricks


May 30, 2020
Hi, all!
I’m a fairly new chicken my chicks last spring and they just had their first birthday, complete with ”cake”.
My flock consists of 8 hens, a rooster, and a turkey hen who was rescued by my sister from the feed store. We named the turkey Sara, because my sister always wanted a daughter, and would have named her Sara, but ended up with three boys. So, now, im Sara’s mom, because I take care of her everyday, and my sister is the dad, because she provides financial support, and visits occasionally, haha!
Sara has been laying big beautiful cream colored eggs, about every 30 hours or so, since February. They are the best eggs I’ve ever had!
My hens are a mixed flock of cold-hardy, friendly, egg layers. I have a light Brahma named Athena, a buff Brahma named Freya, an Easter Egger named Candy, (she had a sister named Lily who was taken by an owl), a buff Orpington named Jen, a Speckled Sussex named Freckles, a golden laced wyandotte named Nijhoni, a white Cochin named Lucy, a partridge Cochin named Ethel, and a big beautiful buff Orpington rooster named Brad.
Brad is a very good boy, and a good protector of his girls. He fought a red tailed hawk when he was 5 months old! His comb was torn so he’s got battle scars, but he’s still gorgeous and loves to be carried around. I started picking him up when he would challenge me, to kind of put him in his place, and he grew to like it, so he will jump up and down in front of me until I pick him up. The neighbors think it’s hilarious.
Speaking of neighbors, a few of them are very much enjoying all the beautiful eggs that I share when I get too many. I usually get at least 5, and at most 9 per day. I can’t possibly eat that many eggs, so I box them up and distribute them when asked. My neighbors all save the shells for me so I can run them through my food processor and give them back to the chickens. It really saves money on calcium supplements!
Im happy to have joined this forum, and hope to make some chicken-friends soon!
Love and peace,

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