And aren't I the tempermental one!


Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!
14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
Less than 24 hours after ranting and raving on FB about how much I hate cows and how maybe I should just give up my chickens, I'm browsing the chicken egg auctions on the forum trying to decide what breed I want next.

I'm thinking I want more polish.
If you're going to live on a funny farm, might as well have the appropriate animals for it.
How did that mess happen??? How did they even see each other to know?

I keep telling y'all and telling ya.... the prettiest little pullet I have on the farm right now is Sally, a turken/buff brahma cross.

The most handsome little cockerel would be Cash, the turken without the naked neck.

I keep mixing I'm gonna hit perfection.
I don't know if they are actually fertile. I should check. I know the rooster in there is enthusiastically doing the rooster ride with the polish. It always makes me think of an elephant trying to do the deed with a giraffe.

Want me to send you some freaky deaky eggs from here?
Rowdy, my turken/EE X, has decided that Ellie Mae the silkie is the ONE for him. Every night I have to pretty much beat (ok, not really) him off of her. When I get done, Impy jumps down off the roost and kicks his butt for trying, then Ivy the head hen jumps down and kicks his butt some more. Rowdy will not be discouraged. Ellie meanwhile just stands there screaming, not quite sure what's going on around and to her. Yep, time for another poof cut.

Soon as my next broody shows up, I'll be hitting you up for some freak eggs.
That pen has a buff show silkie roo over a buff polish, a blue sumatra, an OEGB, a silver sebright a hatchery buff silkie, a hatchery blue silkie, and a hatchery white silkie. I can pick out the OEGB egg. The polish and the sumatra look very similar. Can't tell any of the others apart so you just neverk now what will show up.

I also have another freaky EE pen. There is a barred EE cockerel over some welsummers in there. I am getting these really cool looking chicks out of it. Crele EEs maybe? Dunno. I have put a ton of wellie eggs up under hens to see what all we get. The ones in the brooder are too cool!

(I have five official broodies at the moment and another three that are thinking about it. That's in addition to the four hens that just hatched out babies. It is broody central around here.

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